Peaceful Nature Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Nature sounds, birdsongs and the sounds of the creeks have a calming effect on our nervous system and facilitate relaxation or focus. For thousands of years the archaic parts of the human brain knew that the presence of birdsongs around us is the signal of safety. In our fastened, noisy everyday lives we’re overdosed with interruptions and information a simple nature soundscape can be a blessing and we can use them efficiently for deep relaxation and productive focus too – their positive effects can be felt almost instantly. 

The Tibetan singing bowls framed with the nature soundscape of birdsong and running water can create a special, gentle and safe sound-womb around us where we can slow down even more, relax deeply and have a rest. With their help we can create a healing harmony island in our noisy-glitchy everyday life. These sounds purify our mind, relax our physical bodies, gently „massage” our energy bodies and finetune our whole being to harmony.

Powerful Heart Frequency 2 Hours Meditation ★ Tibetan Singing Bowls

Morning forest soundscape and gentle Tibetan Singing Bowls tuned to the frequency of the Heart Chakra. 🙏 ✨ ॐ Nature sounds, birdsongs and the sounds of the c...

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